We regularly have our cataract surgery results and outcomes audited by external auditors.

This is important to know how well we are going, to compare ourselves with world leaders, and to modify procedures and techniques to strive for perfection.

This is not standard in most clinics.

Our results have been consistently excellent.

They are way above industry average and rank amongst the best in the world

We pride ourselves on striving for excellence. This starts at the very initial step when we work up the patient for the procedure, right the way through to excellent surgery using the best technology and equipment to meticulous aftercare.

We employ several formulas to cross check lens implant selection and then recalibrate these based on our outcomes to further refine nuances.

This is what Nelson Oliver (Refractive Specialist at Alcon Australia) wrote to us after his assessment:

I must commend you and your team on these results. They can be ranked with amongst the best worldwide. Recent guidelines suggest that reasonable expectations for accuracy of cataract surgery are 60% within +/-0.50DS and 90% within +/-1.00DS1. For all intraocular lens categories you well exceed these benchmarks. Indeed the theoretical limit for the proportion of patients (without co morbidities) within +/-1.00DS is 98% 1,2 , which you achieve in nearly all categories. “

We achieve:

  • 98% of eyes within + / -  1.00 DS , spherical equivalent
  • 83 % of eyes within +/ - 0.50 DS, spherical equivalent
  • 85 % of eyes had 0.50 D or less residual astigmatism